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Dealing with Life is a webcomic about three D.C. kids going through life as they become teenagers and move on to high school. All the while learning how different life is as days go by. Some of the comics are based off the life of the author himself or parts of it, but told differently that fits the character(s).


James Olverson
Birthday: August 23
Favorite Color: Blue
Likes: Drawing, video games, skateboarding, pizza, wrestling, snow, role playing games
Dislikes: Loud music (that contains too much cussing), his mother being overprotective, hot weather, being bothered when drawing, art block

James is a guy that has a creative mind. When he’s drawing, he would draw comics about flies. When he’s not drawing, he would skateboard around the neighborhood. His two best friends are Janet and Vanessa. Even though they’re both females, he has no problem hanging with them. As long as they don’t talk about things that makes him feel uncomfortable. Like clothes and gossip.

Janet Addison
Birthday: April 29
Favorite Color: Teal
Likes: Music, relaxing, pie, movies, Dr. Pepper, gothic clothes, racing games
Dislikes: Homework, cold weather, high heels, dresses/skirts, wearing makeup, swimming

Janet is the oldest of the group by birthday. She met James and Janet in second grade and quickly became friends with them. She is considered a tomboy and dislikes looking very feminine. Janet can be lazy at times. All she wants to do is chill out and listen to music. Her favorite genres are underground hip-pop and electro swing.

Vanessa Jubilee
Birthday: December 26
Favorite Color: Pink
Likes: Reading, lemonade, bright colors, clothes, Mario Party, watching videos on YouTube, being organized
Dislikes: Loud noises, spelling errors, rain, being late, cursing (from her own mouth), foul odor

Vanessa is friendly and kind. She’s not afraid to show her opposite side if she has to. She’s been friends with James since they were barely a year old (they were neighbors for years) and Janet since second grade. She loves reading, but only when the environment she’s in is quiet. Not only is she the youngest of the group, she’s the youngest of her two older sisters.